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Removable Solutions


Professional Dental Ceramics is proud to offer a variety of removable solutions.


Hard & Soft Night Guards









At PDC, we provide a range of night guard options to suit different needs. Our hard night guards are perfect for severe grinding cases, while our soft night guards work well for patients whose main symptom is clenching.


The Comfort Hard/Soft Night Guard is our most commonly requested splint. Its 1mm soft inner layer ensures comfort, while the 3mm hard outer layer offers durability. This combination helps alleviate pain and prevent further damage to healthy teeth, offering a comfortable and protective solution for bruxism and grinding.




Athletic Mouth Guards






Every athletic guard is custom-tailored to safeguard your patients' teeth during their chosen activities. While our primary focus is shielding against trauma and preventing concussions, we go the extra mile to ensure our guards offer utmost comfort and don't hinder aerobic performance. Your patients' protection and comfort are our top priorities in our design process.

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