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Professional Dental Ceramics is proud to be your Colorado dental lab

We provide excellent value and selection for your practice. We are continually investigating the newest technologies to meet the desires of your patients.

Solid Zirconia

  • No porcelain to fracture

  • Beautifully aesthetic layered zirconia offered in addition to solid zirconia

  • Chip resistant, as it is made of solid zirconia with no porcelain overlay

  • Replacement option for full gold crowns

  • We constantly participate in ongoing zirconia research to find the strongest and most esthetic products for our customers. 

Anterior Zirconia

  • No gingival “Black Line”

  • Very aesthetic

  • High strength and bio-compatibility

  • Excellent aesthetics due to porcelain surrounding

Layered Zirconia

  • Uncompromised strength

  • Exceptional aesthetics

  • Conventional preparation and cementation

  • Excellent marginal integrity and fit


PFM & Full Cast

  • Porcelain to High Noble                                                                                                       

  • Porcelain to Semi Precious

  • Porcelain to Non Precious

  • Full Cast Crown 2% Yellow

  • Full Gold Crown 40%, 60% or 75% 

  • Gold Inlay/Onlay


Give your patients a reason to smile throughout the restorative process when you place aesthetic temporaries from Professional Dental Ceramics. Our beautiful temporaries maintain proper spacing, function and appearance while permanent restorations are fabricated. Transitional restorations afford the highest in quality without compromising on aesthetics. 

Diagnostic Wax Ups

Diagnostic Wax Ups are a great way to make a treatment plan for full mouth, full arch, or several unit spans for you and your patient. Before the commitment is made, let us help with a customizable visual! The wax up can be canted, lengthened, and discussed until it is clinically and aesthetically ready to be made into a permanent restoration.

All of this provides confidence and insurance in the final investment.

Crown & Bridge

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