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Implant Specialists

Professional Dental Ceramics is proud to offer a wide variety of implant related restorations.


We offer custom case planning and consultation on each case to determine material application based on the functional and esthetic requirements of the case, as well as availability of a specific material or implant fixture.


Custom Milled Abutments

Our implant specialist, Chris Kenison,  has over 15 years of experience with many major authentic implant and attachment manufacturers including, but not limited to, Nobel Biocare, Astra, Atlantis, Straumann

3i Encode/Zimmer, Implant Direct and Biohorizons.



Screw Retained Abutments


Professional Dental Ceramics is excited to promote Nobel’s new Angled Screw Channel. This allows for up to 25% angle which means almost anything can be screw-retained. 

PDC has had incredible success with Nobel's angulated screw channel solutions.


From Nobel:

Solve the esthetic challenges faced when screw-retained solutions are placed in the anterior and improve occlusal access in the posterior.


The angulated screw channel (ASC) provides the option to place the screw access hole anywhere between 0° to 25° in a 360° radius. This means you can now restore almost any situation with a screw-retained restoration and remove known risks associated with excess cement. 


What's more, the angulation allows the use of screw-retained restorations in the esthetic zone by avoiding a buccal screw access point, and the metal adapter means it's now possible to use zirconia implant restorations in the posterior.

The paramount difference between the two is the ability to retrieve the seated case. The cleaning, screw replacement, and tissue observation is made easier with a Screw Retained implant abutment.

This makes Screw Retained seem like a no-brainer right off the bat. However, there are contraindications such as tooth angulation that make Cement Retained a better option.




Professional Dental Ceramics has happily restored thousands of both types, and would recommend consulting on a case-by-case basis for optimum outcomes.

Please contact us for more information on our entire array of implant services.

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